Impact of Changing Interest Rates On Company’s Share Prices

The interest rate is the amount of money due in a particular period as a proportion of that amount that has been borrowed. In simpler words, it is the cost that one pays for the use of a certain amount of money for a certain period of time. One of the major concerns among business owners is the uncertainty of how interest rates can affect their business and that of the demands of the consumer. It is mostly understood that investors expect that when they buy shares of a company they become part owners of the business and are equally affected by its profits or losses.

Reasons For Changing Interest rates

  • Political gains are considered to be one of the major causes of changing interest rates.
  • Inflation also leads to changing rates as money will buy fewer goods in the future than it does now due to change in the economy as well.
  • Investment risks wherein the borrower is charged a risk premium to ensure that in case he defaults, this premium will compensate for his failure to pay up.
  • Banks tend to charge different rates to slow down or speed up the economy and related growth.
  • General economy of the country affects interest rates. Stronger economy attracts higher interest rates and weaker economy calls for lower interest rates.

Impact on Company’s share price

  • Higher interest rates decrease the demand for company shares as people do not want to take risks of losing money.
  • When interest rates go up, existing share prices tend to fall rapidly, causing investors to sell them at lower rates.
  • Higher interest rates make borrowing also more difficult and much more expensive as well. Companies are compelled to pay floating interest rates which in turn has a lot of negative effects on the prices of existing shares.
  • Lower interest rates serve as catalysts for growth; in fact, they are a benefit for personal as well as corporate borrowing of money and increase the value of the company’s share prices.
  • Low rates are associated with better business dealings and it has a positive effect on the share value and subsequently, the prices tend to rise.
  • Low-interest rates decrease the cost of cash and investors are more than ready to buy more stocks.

We can conclude that both high and low interest rates having varying effects on the company’s share price and Fintech Ltd are a firm which provides advice on which are the right investments to make at the right time.

What You Need to Know About the Best Binary Option Robot

If you are ever interested in binary option trading, you would certainly want to learn more of the scheme and find out what is in it for you. You will be investing some hard-earned cash if you are to go ahead and start trading so it makes sense that you take the time to learn everything there is about the trade and you will want to be able to successfully sign up for the best binary option robot as well. Here are some of the things that you need to learn about the whole trading option.

Always start by understanding how things work. You will find that there are three very important ingredients that are crucial to every binary option trading. There is the strike price, the payout offer, and the expiration time. You will have two choices to select from too when you make the trade. A certain commodity or asset will be chosen and you will need to decide if its value is going to go up after a certain time has expired. Guessing right is going to get you whatever the pay put offer for the trade is.

The expiry time of the trade is the amount of time that the contract is going to close. This starts from the moment that you will decide to buy the contract or you will start the trade. These times can vary depending on what the contract offer is and depending in the kind of stock or commodity that is being traded. It can be as fast as say, a minute. It can last longer too, say a month or so. Most of the traders in this scheme tend to go for those expiry times that are shorter though and you should do the same. Opt for those that are at least thirty seconds long but not more than thirty minutes.

The strike price for a trade is that value that is considered to be the basis on whether the guess that you are making is going to be a right or wrong one. In order for you to get the payout offer, the value of the commodity being traded should be above the set price on the expiry time to make sure that whatever was the offer for the payout of the trade is going to e yours to take home. Otherwise you lose and you lose the money that you have used to purchase the contract as well.

Then there is the payout offer. It is referred to as the return that a broker for binary option trading so offering to you if you are to go ahead and proceed with buying the contract. Although in most cases, it is usually all or nothing meaning you win everything if you guess right and you take home nothing if your guess is wrong. There may be differences to the percentage that brokers offer. So taking a closer look at the specifics of the contract that they are extending is not a bad thing. The good thing about this kind of trade though is that you know what the payout offer is before you decide to actually go ahead and risk your funds.


Ways to Earn Online

People have become so diverse that they have taken the marketplace for jobs off the streets and into the virtual world of the internet. This is good news for single parents who wish to stay at home and earn at the same time. Here are some options for you to continue earning while staying at home and using only the internet.

Binary Trading Systems

There is a new way to earn money fast and easy but when the assets are not handled well you can easily lose a lot of cash. Binary trading follows an all or nothing scheme that on one side it can rapidly grow your investment and on the opposite end it can have you leaving with nothing. These platforms are regulated by the government to prevent scams. The key to winning big in binary trading systems is to carefully study your approach and strategy using an environment that does not come with the risks yet. You can browse through some demo trading systems at

Freelance Jobs

The internet also serves as an excellent market place for freelance talents seeking to earn from their craft or through the things that they do best. If you have decent writing skills, online writing is one job that you can do as a freelancer. Platforms such as Fiverr and Odesk have made it easier for freelancers to find customers who will utilize and pay for their skills.

Online Reselling

A lot of people wanted to start a business but are unable to because of the demands of putting up a physical shop. Luckily the internet has found a much more convenient way for you to do business even at the comfort of your own home. Online shopping sites such as Amazon and Ebay provide small business owners a chance to sell their products online at a much lesser capital and in a more convenient way.


If tree-1148032_960_720you have the passion to share your thoughts or if you have the time to travel and explore new things while sharing your experiences to other people, then blogging might be the best option for you. Blogging involves sharing your ideas and experiences in written form so other people can learn from them. Blogging sites such as WordPress and Tumblr will let you share your ideas at no additional cost. Once you’ve gained a number of followers other vendors will pay you for advertisements.

Video Sharing

You may be a person who loves to travel and share your information to people but you may also not be the type who writes. There is another way for you to communicate your experience and that is by using videos. Many people have become successful video sharing channel owners in Youtube. You earn with the advertisements posted on your channel once your channel has become so popular.

The opportunities available for you to earn online is endless. All you need to do is to pick up your laptop and spend time browsing through the many options that you have. Who knows your next fulfilling career and source of income could be on a webpage somewhere in the internet.

Avoiding Being Scammed by Fraudulent Binary Trading Schemes

Scams exist in many different forms. The public can arm themselves by keeping informed in many trends and developments in this fraudulent industry. Here are some of the things that you can do to avoid being a victim of fraudulent binary trading schemes.

Be vigilant in protecting your identity

It has become very easy for everyone to fall into the trap of providing personal information that should have been kept private. The schemes that attempt to extract personal information from you has become so elaborate and carefully planned that it has become difficult to identify the scammers from the pool of legal businesses. Your credit card details and bank information should be at all times kept private. Even your address and date of birth should be off-limits in your social media accounts. These pieces of information are used to confirm your identity.

Do your Research

Before giving out your information to someone or even entering in a business relationship, do your relevant research first. Even if the amounts involved go as little as $5 make sure that the person on the other end receiving your details are legit. Similar to evaluating a person before deciding to go into a romantic relationship, a similar scrutiny should also be done when doing business. A good way to start is to find out if the business has a website, if they are registered legally and if they have a pool of satisfied customers.

Research on Regulatory Bodies Covering the Merchant

The person or the people you are dealing with will claim that they part of a business that belongs in a regulated industry. For example, Binary trading software and trading platforms are monitored by a government agency called CySEC or the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. When you are checking the legality of the activities of such businesses it is best to check with the government agency who has jurisdiction in regulating similar merchants. For Drugs and Food products this is being monitored by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), hence they have an updated list of registered products.

Check if There is a Customer Service Hotline

A legitimate business will always care for its customers. This means that they will always provide an avenue for their customers to make contact and ask help. The very first indication of a fraudulent business scheme is the absence of an “about us” or “contact us” link in their websites or blogs. If they have these details however the actual number may either be not registered, or registered to another merchant unrelated to the information on the website. It is best that you check if there’s someone available to help you in case you need help prior to even investing.

The schemes to victimize the public through heinous schemes that rob them off of their property and hard earned income is punishable by law. The law does not however guarantee that you will regain access to what has been lost so it is imperative that you remain vigilant at all times.

How to Identify if Auto Trading Software is Legit

Scams are everywhere and sometimes it is easy to confuse fraudulent businesses for legit ones. The field of auto trading has experienced a boom in the past years. Legit and fraudulent entities have preyed on this demand which offers promising returns for your investment. Here are some tips on how to ensure that you are dealing with the right platform for an auto trading software.

Browse for Customer Reviews

The very first thing that you should know when a business scheme is fraudulent is the fact that it will generate an uproar among its victims. With the digital age and many virtual means to communicate today, it is not impossible for victims of these fraudulent schemes to share their experiences online. All you need to do is to access these resources and use it for your advantage. Take a look at customer reviews and check if there are actually people who earned out of the auto trading software you are planning to use.

Observe for Content Errors

Websites designed to scam people typically have a weird set-up. Grammar errors and awkward sentence constructions are common red flags. Fraud companies are mostly focused on convincing their viewers to make a purchase so they can scam them that they will have little to no time to proof read and evaluate the face value of their content. Be extra cautious with sites who exhibit these signs. A legit auto trading software should be hosted on a website that has accurate content and a professional means of communicating with their potential clients.

Too many Advertisements

Some websites offering an auto trading software do not directly scam you by stealing your money but they scam you in a more creative way. Though they are not stealing money from your account they are using your time and your interest in auto trading software to generate hits for their website so they get higher revenues from advertising. This scheme is a waste of your time and one easy way to recognize it is the presence of overwhelming advertisements in a single page.

Asking for an Upfront Payment

This is the mother of all red flags. When a website asks you outright to provide your debit card or credit card information to make a purchase before being granted access to what the product truly is, it is 95% of the time a scam. You should read more about Online Scams.

Too good to be True Deals

Binary trading does not guarantee a specific amount of profit that you can earn because the returns will largely be dependent on your strategy and your skill. When a website makes an assurance making the whole thing look too good to be actually true then you should be smelling a brewing scam right in front of you. Only deal with legit websites and brokers to avoid being scammed.

There are many scams in the internet surrounding other industries and businesses aside from auto trading software. Fraudsters will prey on your inability to evaluate and search information before agreeing to them. This can be easily resolved by taking the extra time to do your research.

Scams on The internet

The internet has become an inseparable part of the modern consumer’s lifestyle. This means that those with malicious intent have also moved their operations in this virtual platform. When browsing the internet users need to be vigilant against schemes aimed to rob them of their assets. Here are some of the online scams that you need to be careful with.

Freelance Work Scams

May fraudsters these days prey on the desperate needs of people to find a legitimate solution to earn online while staying at home. Some vendors that advertise “guaranteed minimum earnings of $10,000 while working from home” sound too good to be true aand are most likely scams. People who are new to the internet especially people who have just been recently laid off are gullible to these types of schemes. They may have potential victims sign up and then end up not paying them the promised price.

Free Trial Scams

A lot of companies lure people in to use their free trial services. Sometimes the offer seems very tempting that it is almost easy to give out your credit or debit card information right away. After doing this, once the trial period has lapsed, these companies will continue to charge your account for failure to cancel the services. They will then let you know that this agreement is stipulated on the fine print when you first signed up. Read More.

Magic Pill Scams

As you age you get a lot of health and wellness related issues that can sometimes be difficult to resolve. Issues like wait gain, varicose veins and wrinkles on parts of your face can be annoying that finding a solution becomes a desperate move. Fraudulent products feed on this premise and falsely advertise a pill or a product or some tea that promises results in a few weeks. So once you ordered the product and use it you will soon discover that it does nothing of what it promised to do in the first place.

Phishing Scams

The most elaborate and carefully planned of all scams involve obtaining your personal information which can be used to access your funds remotely. Phishing scams can involve people calling you attempting to get personal information by making it appear like a legitimate business. People need to be wary with these type of scams as they are difficult to detect and often have the most serious damages and consequences.

Binary Trading Scams

A legitimate binary trading broker in the name of 24Option has been rumored to be part of an elaborate scheme to scam potential investors. Though 24Option is a legit business it got a bad reputation for reasons that are not valid. Binary trading offers promising returns to your investments but ensure that you invest your resources to the right people and with the right companies so you don’t end up getting mugged.

There are plenty of opportunities to invest and earn online. Most of them are legitimate businesses that will surely benefit you but a handful remains to be fraudulent and aims nothing more but to get your money in return for nothing.